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PORTFOLIO (Partial)   [Tab or click on each thumbnail to see enlarged image]

1. DIFFERIN: Show that a powerful retinoid for acne is actually a painless medication that makes
patients look great without typical retinoid burning.
2. VALTURNA: A new alternative choice in a crowded market launched
a new combination hypertension medication with name recognition
physicians can't forget.
3. ZOLOFT: Introduce dual indications for a well-known anti-depressant.
4. METROGEL: Highlight extreme tolerability by creating a tactile demonstration in a compelling illustration that segues into a real face.
5. METROGEL 1%: Using direct mail die-cut into the shape of a #1, introduce the name of the #1
medication in the category, now with an increased 1% of active ingredient. Try ignoring this one!
6. SYNVISC-ONE: Entice physicians, via direct mail, to pull the tab and show
the unmatched length of benefits.
7. LYNPARZA: TV spot encourages women to "Be BRCAWARE" and fight as a group against ovarian cancer.
8. RUTHERFORD HOSPITAL: Show prospective patients that this hospital
understands individual problems and can start helping with simply a phone call.
9. EPIPEN: Using direct mail, identify children at risk for anaphylaxis so they can be prepared before they go back to school.

10. CARDIONET: Demonstrate the superior arrhythmia detection
capabilities of this heart monitoring device.
11. NATIONAL ROSACEA SOCIETY: Using a compelling visual device,
help potential patients identify their symptoms of rosacea.
12. PERFOROMIST: Have patients identify inhaler problems
that Perforomist can solve.
13. TIAZAC: Introduce a hypertension medication that releases active
ingredient in time with the body's natural circadian rhythms.
14. PERFOROMIST: Create Web banners to identify patients with COPD and inform them that nebulization provides many treatment benefits.
15. ZYRTEC-D: Announce a "D" (decongestant) like the competitors had,
without being permitted to say "D."
16. OPTI-FREE: Engage ophthalmologists by having them
scratch off an answer to a provocative question.
17. SENSODYNE: Urge dentists to ask patients about the pain
they don't want to discuss.
18. PREVENAR 13: Remind patients that they are at risk for
pneumococcal disease if they are at least 50.
19. VICTOZA: Direct mail to HCPs simplifies the complexity of GLP-1 regarding its affect on various organs.
20. Synvisc-One Web Site: Explain the science behind Synvisc-One
to demonstrate why this cross-linked viscosupplement is a preferred treatment.